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Fisheries Commission staff receive virtual training on fisheries governance

The Centre for Maritime Law and Security Africa (CEMLAWS Africa) and the Centre for Coastal Management (CCM) of the University of Cape Coast recently conducted a two-week virtual training programme for staff of Ghana’s Fisheries Commission.
The training, which took place from January 15-19 and 22-26, was organized as part of the US Department of State, US Embassy, Accra-funded Project – Promoting Local Capacity to Address the Destabilizing Impacts of Foreign Fishing Vessels in the Gulf of Guinea (GoG) and Mauritania. According to organizers, the goal of the programme was to build the institutional capacity of the Fisheries Commission to strengthen fisheries management outcomes in Ghana.
A range of modules were delivered including an overview of Ghana’s fisheries sector, ocean governance, domestic and international fisheries laws, contemporary issues, and maritime safety and security.
Experts hope the training will enhance the knowledge and skills of Commission staff to better regulate Ghana’s fisheries, engage in regional cooperation, and curb illegal fishing.
On the last day, the Executive Director of the Fisheries Commission expressed his gratitude to the organizers. He emphasized that with local expertise, his staff no longer need to travel abroad for such trainings.
CEMLAWS Africa and CCM-UCC, he said, are well equipped to deliver comparable programmes within Ghana to benefiting other organizations as well.
Successfully completing the virtual programme, participants will receive certificates to validate their new training and skills in fisheries governance.

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