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‘’Yaoundé Code of Conduct: 10 years of countering piracy in the Gulf of Guinea” Webinar

In a significant milestone, the Gulf of Guinea states celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Yaoundé Code of Conduct, a pivotal agreement aimed at countering piracy and enhancing maritime security in the region. This landmark agreement, initiated in 2013, has witnessed notable successes and has been vital in addressing the growing challenges of maritime insecurity. To commemorate this milestone, a webinar titled “Yaoundé Code of Conduct: 10 years of countering piracy in the Gulf of Guinea” took place on 28th September 2023. The event critically examined the Yaoundé Architecture’s impact, bringing together scholars, practitioners, and stakeholders from various domains.

The webinar, organized with the support of the Danida-funded research project, Counter-piracy Infrastructure in the Gulf of Guinea (COPIGoG), aims to assess the effectiveness of the Yaoundé Architecture in combating piracy and promoting maritime security. It featured a diverse range of speakers, including researchers from the COPIGoG project, representatives from regional organizations like GGC and ICC, and stakeholders from the Danish shipping industry.

The webinar consisted of four sessions, including scene-setting presentations, research findings on piracy and counter-piracy efforts in the Gulf of Guinea, reflections from invited guests, and an interactive Q&A session. The event’s expected outcomes include stimulating dialogue among scholars and practitioners, strengthening cooperation among stakeholders, and generating recommendations to enhance the Yaoundé Architecture as it faces evolving maritime security challenges in the Gulf of Guinea. This webinar represented a crucial step in furthering efforts to combat piracy and promote safety in one of the world’s most crucial maritime regions.