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VOI Project Dissemination Workshop in Accra

In Accra, Ghana, a dissemination workshop took place on November 2, 2023, at the MJ Grand Hotel. The purpose of this workshop was to share the results of a project that aimed to improve transparency in Ghana’s fisheries sector. The project received funding from Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Vibrant Oceans Initiative and was executed by CEMLAWS Africa in three phases over the past two years. More than 30 participants, including representatives from fishing communities, civil society organizations, government agencies, media, and academia, gathered for the workshop.

The first two project phases involved research and consultations with stakeholders to assess governance frameworks, identify opportunities for accountability, and explore ways to strengthen partnerships.

Presentations were delivered to highlight the main activities and outcomes from these initial phases. Various stakeholders provided feedback and reviews of the findings. Notably, the lack of an effective information-sharing system and the necessity to reform fisheries policies and enforcement emerged as significant issues. Participants engaged in lively discussions regarding measures to address these challenges.

Looking ahead, the participants agreed on the importance of maintaining an ongoing dialogue between stakeholders to implement the project’s recommendations. They also explored potential opportunities for future collaboration to further the objectives of enhancing transparency, governance, and sustainability within Ghana’s fisheries sector. These efforts are aimed at benefiting coastal communities and the marine environment. The successful workshop marked the conclusion of the third phase, which involved disseminating and reporting on the multi-year initiative.