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Director, Partnerships and Training

Nelson Atanga Ayamdoo is the Director of Partnership & Training at CEMLAWS Africa. In this role, he focuses on research and designing, implementing, and evaluating training and partnership programs to meet the organization’s goals.
Ayamdoo has over a decade of experience as a legal professional in Ghana. He has worked as a trusted advisor to various government bodies, international agencies, and private enterprises. He has provided expert guidance on diverse legal and policy matters. Current roles also include Senior Legal Officer with the Ghana Armed Forces and Associate at Deleric Law Consult.
Ayamdoo also contributes to academia and research as an Adjunct Lecturer of Law at two universities in Ghana. He holds an LL.M from Cornell Law School and another LL.M with a specialization in Natural Resources, Energy & Environmental Law from the University of Calgary. His research, including publications in the Journal of World Energy Law and Business, demonstrates a commitment to advancing legal discourse and societal issues. He has also undertaken consultancy roles for the UNODC and led expert reviews of fisheries and maritime sectors.

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