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Finance & Admin. Officer

Mohammed Abdul-Aziz Bampouri is an accomplished Finance and Administrative Officer at the Centre for Maritime Laws & Security Africa (CEMLAWS Africa), boasting a decade-long tenure (10 years) in the domains of Accounting, finance, and administration. Currently pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) from the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA), Bampouri also holds an MPhil in Accounting and an MBA in Accounting and Finance from the same institution. His affiliation with the Institute of Chartered Accountants Ghana (ICAG) stands at its final certification level.

At CEMLAWS Africa, Bampouri plays a pivotal role in bolstering financial health and operational efficiency. His wide-ranging responsibilities encompass meticulous oversight of financial transactions, collaborative budgeting, generation of comprehensive project financial reports, stakeholder engagement, project cost assessment, variance analyses, insightful financial guidance, and streamlined administrative processes.

With expertise spanning diverse sectors, including manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, FMCG, consultancy, real estate, construction, NGOs, and various services, Bampouri’s adaptability and leadership shine through roles such as an Accountant at Taysec Limited, Finance and Administrative Manager at Prime Debt Recoveries Limited, and Group Accountant at I-Zar Group. His journey commenced at Ayrton Drugs and advanced through roles at Starwin (now Dannex Ayrton Starwin PLC). Beyond core engagements, he has provided part-time consultancy to over 20 SMEs and NGOs, offering accounting, finance, and business management expertise.

Bampouri’s skills encompass financial accounting, analysis, internal controls, taxation, payroll management, and operational efficiency enhancement. Notable achievements include optimizing operations at TAYSEC Limited, enhancing debt collection at Prime Debt Recoveries, and establishing a successful Cash-Reserve Account at I-Zar Group, facilitating effective fund accumulation.

Beyond his professional commitments, Bampouri engages in impactful writing, producing thought-provoking opinion pieces and publications. He is dedicated to mentorship and crafting future-oriented financial strategies. His philosophy underscores collaborative teamwork’s potency in achieving remarkable outcomes.

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