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Isaiah Tuolienuo is a PhD student at the University of Montana, USA, specializing in natural resource conflicts, justice, environmental policy, and resource governance. Before commencing his doctoral program, Isaiah worked for the United States Embassy in Accra as the Regional Environment Specialist for West & Central Africa. During this period, Isaiah collaborated with both state and non-state actors to promote critical bilateral, regional, and international environmental policy and programmatic priorities of the United States Government.
Isaiah has worked on a wide range of environmental and biodiversity conservation projects, including projects on climate change, sustainable fisheries, and ocean governance. He has also been involved in several policy and programmatic efforts to address conservation crimes in the West/Central Africa subregion. These include projects to address illegal gold mining, illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing (IUU Fishing), illegal logging, and illegal wildlife trafficking. Isaiah’s extensive experience includes working as a human rights researcher with Africa Legal Aid (AFLA) and as a legal assistant with Chinese oil and gas company Sinopec International Petroleum Limited during Ghana’s Early Phase Gas Infrastructure Project. Isaiah is passionate about equity and justice in natural resource governance and is committed to advancing resource regimes that prioritize social and environmental sustainability.

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