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Research Officer

Gabriel Gator is a Fisheries Scientist possessing relevant experience in diverse areas of fisheries particularly stock assessment and fish sclerochronology, coastal and fisheries management and aquaculture. He has worked on FAO EAF – Nansen Programme Beach Seine Marine Litter Study, NatGeo Beach Seine Bycatch project among others. Gabriel also has keen research interests in climate change impacts on fish stocks and fisheries, marine microplastics, modelling of fish interactions, and health and sustainability of marine ecosystems.
Gabriel currently serves as Research Officer at CEMLAWS Africa, where he supports the planning, execution, and analysis of research projects focusing on Fisheries and livelihoods. Gabriel is part of the working team contributing to research on the U.S. Department of State-sponsored DWFV Project Promoting Local Capacity to Address the Destabilizing Impacts of Foreign Fishing Vessels in the Gulf of Guinea and has been part of the working team implementing the Bloomberg Philanthropies Vibrant Oceans Initiative’s (VOI) project “Enhancing Transparency in Ghana’s Fisheries Sector” from 2021 to 2023.

He holds an MPhil. Degree in Fisheries Science with a project focused on Otolith Microstructure and Morphology for aging and stock discrimination purposes and a beneficiary of the USAID-UCC Fisheries and Coastal Management Capacity-Building Support Project. He also holds a BSc in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.

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